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السلام عليكم

Hey, yeah sure. I had a 3.87 GPA, top 1% of my class. Super scored I had a 2230 on the SAT (I took it 3 times), W 800, M 730, CR 700. I took 2 SAT 2s (although since you’re applying RD you should probably take 3) French 790 and US History 730. I was really involved in a lot extra curricular activities/leadership positions. Honestly though, I think the essay is probably the most important component. I wrote about something I was really passionate about and that was very relevant to the school I wanted to enter and what I want to do with my life (SFS/international relations). Yes, absolutely grades and your stats are important, but what I think is great about Georgetown’s system is that they use a very holistic approach to the application process and they ultimately accept the people that believe will contribute most to the university’s community. So don’t think you can’t get in because of numbers, show yourself the best way that you can, why you deserve to be there, why they should want you there and do your best, the rest is up to fate :)